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AMMAN -When Prince Hamza visited the relatives of COVID-19 patients who died after a hospital ran out of oxygen, he triggered a rift in Jordan's monarchy that has shaken the country's reputation as a stable country in a volatile region.

The March 14 visit to the city of Salt was, in the words of a senior establishment figure, the "straw that broke the camel's back", coming as it did hours after King Abdullah had visited the hospital and publicly scolded management for the nine deaths.

Hamza made the trip to console the bereaved six days before Prince Hussein went to the city to do the same, a move that some officials said had upstaged his younger rival for the throne.

Reuters spoke to more than a dozen officials, former officials and palace insiders about the events leading to the accusations against Hamza. They spoke on condition of anonymity in order to be able to discuss sensitive issues.

Eight people familiar with the situation said that Hamza's visit had undermined his half-brother the king, and prompted authorities to place him under house arrest and accuse him of involvement in activities aimed at destabilising the country.

While Hamza and Abdullah have publicly buried the hatchet, the dramatic events of the weekend exposed faultlines within a royal family that has helped shield Jordan from the turmoil that consumed neighbouring Syria and Iraq.

Hamza was widely expected to have succeeded Abdullah as Jordan's next king, until the monarch made Prince Hussein his heir instead in 2004, in line with family tradition.

Some experts worry that the feud could re-ignite, given underlying problems in Jordan like poverty, joblessness and rising COVID-19 deaths which they said contributed to tensions spilling into the open.

"The family feud is over, yet we have to address the issues that prompted it ... unemployment, COVID-19 management and poverty," Jawad al Anani, who served as the last royal court chief under the late King Hussein, told Reuters.

"These are the causes (of) ... the frustration that pushes people to follow their own idols."

Hamza could not be reached for comment on the causes of the palace rift and his motives for visiting the bereaved families.

The palace declined to comment, when asked what had prompted the government to move against Hamza, who has not been seen in public since the feud erupted.

On Wednesday, King Jordan said sedition had been quashed and Hamza was "under my care". Hamza pledged allegiance to the king after mediation by the royal family.

Officials said between 14 and 16 people had been arrested in connection with the alleged plot.


Hamza, 41, was warmly welcomed by families of the deceased in Salt during his visit in March.


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