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ios developer account:Anwar welcomes former Syariah judge, ex-PAS members into PKR


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PKR president Anwar Ibrahim touted the party’s Islamic credentials after he welcomed a former Syariah judge, ex-PAS leaders and Muslim preachers into the fold today.

At a press conference in Negeri Sembilan today, he announced the party’s 15 new recruits.

Among them are retired Syariah High Court judge Baharum Hasbullah, former PAS Dusun Tua assemblyperson Razaly Hassan, former Negeri Sembilan PAS Youth chief Nor Azman Mohamad and former Seremban PAS Ulama committee member Mohd Rais Mustafa Kamal.

The others include Muslim scholars, retired religious teachers, former imams and leaders of the Islamic NGO Abim.

Anwar hoped their entry would encourage more Islamic leaders to join PKR and guide the party according to Islamic principles.

“The reason why we encourage the entry of religious scholars into PKR is that we need to understand that Islam - the religion of the federation - has principles that will bring about good.

“It encourages one to change and reject corruption and misuse. And this change must stem from the human conscience,” he said.

Anwar also shared that PKR’s signature catchphrase reformasi (reformation) was inspired by a verse in the Quran.

“We translated it as reformasi but the term islah means the ability and commitment to change and improve,” he said.

Anwar was flanked by Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Aminuddin Harun, who also leads PKR’s state chapter.

“PKR has been demonised as a liberal, pluralistic party but in actual fact, we make sure it is Islam that guides and moves this party.

“This is while we live in a plural country and must think about other communities, not just Malay Muslims but also the Chinese, Indians and other races in the country,” Aminuddin said.

PKR previously announced two celebrities as its latest members - rapper Altimet (Syed Ahmad Syed Abdul Rahman) and comedian Afdlin Shauki.




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