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apple developer:Covid-19 takes its toll on women


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,WOMEN bear the brunt of the economic burden and the Covid-19 pandemic has made it worse for the gender. Declines in labour force participation are devastating for women, particularly women of color, threatening to stall and even set back years of progress toward gender equality in the workforce, according to JP Morgan in its latest report titled “The widening gender gap: Covid-19 takes its toll.’’ It says labour flexibility for women is a double-edged sword as it often comes with greater vulnerability in the form of lower job security and wages. It adds that women in emerging markets (EM) lag behind developing markets on nearly all gender metrics. Although there is some progress in terms of board representation by women, the pace is still slow. Women made up 22.6% of board seats for Russell 3000 companies in 2020. Female directors in the MSCI ACWI index rose by just 0.6% points to 20.6%. Women hold 13% of EM board seats as tracked by the MSCI EM. Female representation in the C-suite remains little changed, with women accounting for just 4.8% of CEO seats in 2020 versus 4.3% in 2019. Women’s participation in the labour markets is stalling with financial disparities widening. Sadly, the journey towards parity is still far.CLICK TO ENLARGE


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