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buy apple developer account :YOURSAY | Sng is all about himself, not about the people of Julau


YOURSAY | 'Which frog will ever tell the people they defect for their own personal gain?'PM's 'commitment to justice' and affability prompted Julau MP to defectSiva1967: Dear Julau MP Larry Sng, I applaud the gusto in the way you explain your action for the sake of the “people”. So, what’s next? Are you also going to use the same template to change allegiance again once Perikatan Nasional (PN) falls?Your reasoning that federal allocations are not channelled to opposition-held seats is flimsy. As a lawmaker and Member of Parliament for your constituency, you should have demanded the allocations be given, regardless of who the voters voted for.You should not have adopted the “If you can’t beat them, join them” syndrome. Going by your justification, every Malaysian would be a member of a criminal gang because it would be suicidal to oppose them and “smarter” instead to join them.Also, your example of the Lubok Antu constituency where another frog became PN friendly and “development” started pouring into that constituency - what development are you talking about?Are you saying the PN has approved multimillion ringgit developments for Lubok Antu and that every voter is laughing all the way to the bank to cash in on their newfound riches?What development are you talking about during this pandemic and movement control order (MCO)/conditional MCO (CMCO) and whatever other orders?Sudahlah, jangan temberang (enough, don’t lie). You have been in politics long enough to sniff out the trail of the gravy train and now trying to menegakkan benang yang basah (defend the indefensible).BusinessFirst: I just hope after jumping like most other frogs, you would just keep your mouth closed and stay silent. The respect people have for you has already dropped to rock bottom. Do not try to see how far lower it can go.You jumped from Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) to being independent, then to PKR and now back to independent but supporting Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. That is your prerogative, but do you think all this sucking up to Muhyiddin will work?They know what type of person you are. They won't trust you. Having done what they did to Pakatan Harapan, who would trust them too? What they did to Harapan, they are now doing to Umno.So, in a sense, you have joined with kindred spirits, and like scorpions, one wonders who will sting the other first?The Wakandan: Thank you, Sng, for being candid. So your political ideology is “also in the same direction (as the government)”. The government would definitely want to develop the people. Well, at least that is what they all say.Fine then. The only thing by your admission is that you do not want to be in the opposition. We can only see that you will always be ‘for sale’, as long as you are able to be in the government. With five parties under your sleeve and you are only 41, there are probably more parties where you can attach yourself. That is, until the next one comes along to form the government.I am not so sure whether that's an insult to the people of Julau or those thousands of them are really that hard up for the four million.IndigoTrout2522: Based on his logic (or “illogic”), Sng will jump to any party or leader who holds power. Now, he jumped to Muhyiddin because he is in power and his constituency receives the financial benefits.When Muhyiddin loses power and position and will not be able to supply his constituency with funds or benefits, then what? I guess the answer is to keep jumping. If he does not jump, it will prove that his logic is really illogical.Sorry, the rakyat don't buy this illogical logic and will likely abandon him.IQ900: It is all about Sng himself, not about the people of Julau. Money and position matter.Sng simply wants to be with the government. He cannot stay in the opposition. If BN won the 14th general election (GE14) back in 2018, he would have joined BN. After all, only when you are with the government of the day are you given money and positions.Ah Chik: If your stand is so virtuous, all other opposition members must also jump ship to enjoy the benefits of development.Yesterday, you mentioned that because Harapan had no chance of winning GE15, that was why you jumped. I hope you get crushed by PRS in the next round. You are a fair-weather friend, unprincipled and shameless.Undecided: “He is a very charismatic man. From what we can see, he is very diligent in trying to reach his goal,” he said about his former boss, PKR president Anwar Ibrahim.However, Sng appeared critical of Anwar's refusal to cooperate with the rest of the opposition. Sng, you are now talking like a Chinese version of Azmin Ali.Dr Mahathir Mohamad divided the opposition by not handing power over to Anwar at the appropriate time as promised. He kept Anwar out of the cabinet and appointed Azmin to a powerful position, knowing full well PKR was already divided.As can be seen from his subsequent conduct after Harapan fell, he was never interested in keeping his promise to Harapan.Mahathir cannot be trusted and has done enough damage to PKR, DAP and Amanah. The other option, I believe Pejuang may not be needed if the other parties can be convinced to join Harapan Plus.Annonymoussi: A frog is a frog no matter how you defend your defection. It's the same old narrative given by frogs that they are frogging for the interest of the rakyat.Which frog will ever tell the people they defect for their own personal gain? But the truth is all of them jump ship to enrich themselves, one way or another.Traveloka: Talking about frogs, Sng is the most “professional” of them all because he didn't badmouth anybody, not even his previous supporters and colleagues/bosses.rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrThis was despite a lot of them are cursing him, and he even apologised to them. Maybe that has to do with him being a professional frog all along.The above is a selection of comments posted by Malaysiakini subscribers. Only paying subscribers can post comments. In the past one year, Malaysiakinians have posted over 100,000 comments. Join the Malaysiakini community and help set the news agenda. Subscribe now.These comments are compiled to reflect the views of Malaysiakini subscribers on matters of public interest. Malaysiakini does not intend to represent these views as fact.

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