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apple developer account for sale :Making video games more accessible to people with disabilities


The Xbox Accessibility Guide has been updated to include clearer languages, additional context, and more concrete implementation examples to better assist developers. — AFP Relaxnews Make the games more accessible to people with disabilities. This is one of Microsoft’s objectives, and it wants to work on it in a concrete manner. From now on, developers can have their games tested on Xbox and PC by players with disabilities. The goal is to compile their feedback and ideas in order to improve current projects. “Developers now have the option to send Microsoft their Xbox or PC title and have it analysed and validated against the recommendations provided in the XAGs,” according to a post on the Xbox blog, this week. The Xbox Accessibility Guidelines are a compilation of best practices developed in partnership with industry experts and members of the gaming disability community. In short, this guide corresponds to a sort of checklist that must be validated to ensure that the game is accessible by a person in a handicap situation. More detailed feedback from the players themselves To ensure that these guidelines are properly implemented in games and to understand their impact on the experience of the players involved, developers can rely directly on detailed reports. Not only can gamers with disabilities test the games, they will also provide their own feedback and even ideas to help developers with their designs. “They also wanted to make sure that developers understood the potential impact of a given issue on our gamers. To that end, the reports include additional information such as links to gaming accessibility and inclusive design documentation, non-profits and industry-recognised subject matter experts, platform-specific technical documentation, and more,” outlines Brannon Zahand, senior programme manager, on the Xbox blog post. A commitment that could turn out to be more than profitable since, according to the ESA Foundation, there are nearly 46 million disabled players in the United States. – AFP Relaxnews

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