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apple developer account for sale :Julie’s undergoing dynamic rebranding campaign


PETALING JAYA: Julie’s, the eponymous biscuit brand founded 35 years ago in Malaysia, has emerged with new confidence and a spirit of hope through a dynamic rebranding campaign. Re-partnering with award-winning Singapore creative agency, GOVT, Julie’s has produced a series of teasers and a short film titled “Operation Maybe”, to elevate its new look and spread its reinvigorated message of confidence. Launching on Jan 1,2021, “Operation Maybe” featuring an ensemble of veteran, award-winning and emerging Malaysian cast including Indi Nadarajah, Fabian Loo, Amanda Ang and Bella Rahim would be rolled out on Julie’s YouTube, social media and digital platforms. The story-line is a fictionalised, comical take inspired by Julie’s actual real-life multi-layered rebranding process, including internal management, employee and stakeholder consultations and navigating insights from actual Julie’s consumers and focus groups.Julie’s director Sai Tzy Horng in a statement said the rebranding exercise included expertise of its founding members and new generation talent. The process kicked off in 2017 undergoing a vigorous process while the creative collaboration with GOVT started in 2019. “We felt after 35 years, Julie’s needed some rejuvenation. For the longest time, we were kind of just there. Seen, but not necessarily heard. We wanted to change that. Julie’s will always be Julie’s. “We still hold the values that have made us who we are today. But now, we want to shout it out to the world. We want to be bold and thought-provoking, to bring a little optimism to the everyday. “It’s a change we believe our loyal fans will be on board with, and one we hope will attract new ones too. “Taking a plunge into something new isn’t just something we’ve done, it’s something we hope to inspire others to do too. In partnership with GOVT, we believe these short films capture Julie’s new personality, ” he said.GOVT’s Associate Creative Director Kevin Joseph was on board-again to lead Julie’s rebranding filming process following the team’s award-winning 2019 short-film TRANSLATOR. “To see a heritage brand like Julie’s embrace evolution like this is inspiring. When you have been at something for so long, it’s easy to get stuck in the status quo. “I am sure we have all been there before, especially in our jobs. In many ways, we have poured much of ourselves into the characters in this film. “Our hope for anyone watching this, is that they realise that no matter where you are in life, you are never too old to grow young, ” said Kevin. Amid the onslaught of Covid-19, Julie’s had to accelerate its marketing, consumer engagement and product deployment strategies aggressively onto digital platforms. “A lot of the marketers in Asia still rely on physical branding and on-ground promotional activities to engage with customers. We had to hasten our digitisation efforts to best interact with our customers and introduce the brand to new consumers, ” said Sai.

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