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Chan Kong Choy

KUALA LUMPUR: Tan Sri Chan Kong Choy (pic) is now the executive chairman of Fajarbaru Builder Group Bhd.

Chan, 66, was first appointed to the board as independent and non-executive chairman on April 1.

Given that he is steering the group ahead amidst the pandemic, Chan, in the group’s latest annual report, said Fajarbaru will continue to focus on building its strength in the construction and property development sector while taking into consideration the challenges and opportunities available.

Fajarbaru remains upbeat on the property segment’s outlook in anticipation of the economic recovery.

The group’s construction segment will also focus on its current order book of about RM329.7mil while pursuing opportunities to expand its construction portfolio and procure new jobs.

It will continue to bid for potential infrastructure and rail construction projects.

Notably, it is in a good position to bid for such jobs with its state-of-the-art trackwork machinery and expertise, as well as excellent track record in completing railway projects on time.



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