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KUALA LUMPUR: In celebration of their 10 years of partnership, Maybank and Manchester United Football Club have unveiled a new limited edition Maybank Manchester United Visa debit card.

The card has a refreshed design, and is available in limited quantities.

According to group CEO of Maybank’s community financial services Datuk John Chong, this is the first time that the Maybank Manchester United debit card has undergone a design refresh.

Manchester United’s director of partnerships Sean Jefferson said: “As one of our most successful and long-standing financial services partners, Maybank has offered our loyal fans in Malaysia a whole host of innovative and engaging fan incentives, bringing them closer to the club they so passionately support.”

The card features three current players – Cristiano Ronaldo, Jadon Sancho and Paul Pogba – set against the club’s famed stadium, Old Trafford.



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