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From left to right: Colin Currie, AirAsia Group Group Chief Commercial Officer (centre) with Pete Chareonwongsak, Teleport CEO; Salim Dhanani, CEO and co-founder of BigPay; Bo Lingam, Group CEO, AirAsia Aviation Ltd; Amanda Woo, CEO of airasia Super App; Aireen Omar, president of AirAsia Digital, AirAsia Group and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, Chief Executive Officer, AirAsia Group.

KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia Group has appointed former adidas executive Colin Currie as its chief commercial officer with effect from Wednesday.

The low-cost carrier said Currie will develop a consumer centric strategy using data to optimise growth and meet the financial objectives across AirAsia’s airlines and digital units.

As the former managing director of adidas Asia-Pacific, covering Greater China, South Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia and Pacific countries, Currie made adidas one of the hottest consumer brands in the region.

Currie grew the company’s revenue five-fold in greater China and narrowing the market share gap from fourth to head-to-head market leadership.

He was also credited for improving the brand’s operating model and leading the regional market to record-breaking growth.

As the chief commercial officer of AirAsia Group, Currie said: “I am excited to be joining AirAsia Group with my experience and knowledge in enhancing the overall brand and sales performance, especially in the new digital enterprises.

I have been closely following AirAsia’s amazing growth story, and I am confident that, together with its passionate teams, we can put the pedal to the metal in accelerating and solidifying AirAsia’s success as a leading digital tech and lifestyle company in Asean. This is the most exciting time to join AirAsia as it embarks on its next revolution embracing the digital era.”

AirAsia said the latest decision to bring in the seasoned Malaysian businessman serves to underscore AirAsia’s commitment and strategic focus on increasing market competitiveness of its new businesses, including airasia Super App and its e-commerce ventures.

CEO of AirAsia Group Tan Sri Tony Fernandes said: “We are delighted to welcome Colin onboard. He brings a wealth of experience at a global company which has also focused on Asean and can drive data integration within the group to speed up our revenue growth and create a new breadth of synergies across many of our new and exciting projects.

“This is a big statement on AirAsia’s part to be recruiting Colin as we come out of Covid. It is also a great testament to the brand despite all our issues, as great people continue to join us on this very exciting journey.”

Prior to joining adidas, Currie worked in the music and entertainment industry as managing director of Sony BMG Music Malaysia.

Before that, Currie developed a broad knowledge of marketing in Hong Kong and Australia through key marketing positions with Citibank, Ansett Australia and Telstra Mobile.


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