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亚马逊云账号(\u0027s proposed rule change seen choking off nearly all scrap imports



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Nov 4 - Malaysia's proposed scrap rules wouldprevent up to 90% of scrap imports from entering the country, anindustry official said, when recyclers that can help the worldshift to a greener economy are already reeling from high pricesand shortages.

Malaysia has emerged as a recycling hub to process rawmaterials from the United States and Europe into formsacceptable to top commodity consumer China, which restrictedscrap imports for environmental reasons.

The new guidelines would "cause more harm than good to thewhole non-ferrous metals industry in Malaysia," the Bureau ofInternational Recycling (BIR) quoted Eric Tan of the MalaysiaNon-Ferrous Metals Association as saying at an online BIR event.

He said 80%-90% of scrap imports would be blocked.

Concerns include a zero threshold for hazardous andelectronic waste, a minimum 94.75% metal content requirement andcargo inspections before and after shipment, the BIR statementreleased late on Wednesday said.

Malaysia's Ministry of International Trade and Industry wasnot immediately available for comment during a public holiday.

Malaysia on Monday delayed until 2022 the implementation ofthe new rule, providing a temporary reprieve for the scrapmarket, notably for copper. On global markets, copperhit record high prices in May, partly due to shortages.

The recycling industry also faces restrictions in India andEurope.

India's plans for scrap standards could limit the thresholdfor metal impurities, the BIR statement quoted Dhawal Shah,president of its nonferrous metals division, as saying.

In a separate statement on Wednesday, the BIR urged Europeanofficials to engage with the recycling industry. REUTERS



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