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YOURSAY | ‘There’s already a ministry for his supposed role.’

Faizal Azumu appointed special adviser to PM with minister status

COMMENT | Muhyiddin is scraping the bottom of the barrel

Kita Orangbiasa: Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, you already have a minister and a deputy minister of community development.

In addition, you also have a minister and a deputy minister of national unity. And you have various other ministries whose job is to advise you on related matters.

Yet, you are plundering taxpayers’ money by creating a special adviser with minister status (ostensibly to advise you on community relations and communications as well as socio-economic development) that does not bring any added value to your administration.

Ahmad Faizal Azumu is an MP and also an assemblyperson. Where does he has the time to do all his three jobs?

Mind you, we are facing a Covid-19 crisis and the money for this redundant position can be better spent on poor and needy families.

Briclax: Yes, yet another person added to an already bloated cabinet. This has become ludicrous. What are you thinking, Mr Prime Minister? Does it not occur to you that an additional adviser will not improve the welfare of this country?

The unemployment rate has hit the roof, doctors are fighting for the lives of others despite being uncertain of their future, Covid-19 cases have hit 20,000 and the death toll reaching tragic proportions. And all you can do is appoint another adviser.

Something is so absolutely wrong. You are still trying to do every possible thing to hold on to power. Imagine if this effort is redirected towards managing the Covid-19 pandemic.

OCT: Muhyiddin doesn't care about the performance of his ministers. Did he ever reprimand any ministers for violating standard operating procedures (SOPs)? Did he ever sack any of his ministers for non-performance or for failing time and again?

The irony is that Muhyiddin promoted Ismail Sabri Yaakob to deputy prime minister. If he can promote a failure like Ismail Sabri, Faizal’s promotion is no surprise.

It is so easy to become ministers in his cabinet. All that is required is to support him as prime minister when he needs you. Ministers will be rewarded handsomely. After all, all the salaries, perks, allowance, drivers, cars and overseas travel are not paid by Muhyiddin but by the rakyat.

The result of the pandemic mess reflects badly on the ministers. The cabinet meets during office hours only. They don't brainstorm into the night to find ways to fight the pandemic.

However, Muhyiddin and his gang can have frequent night meetings. All these meetings are not about the pandemic but about politics. They have police escorts to ensure nobody disturbed them. All these meetings violate the SOPs.

Imagine if the DAP or the opposition was to hold just one of these meetings. The authorities will swing into action immediately by arresting all of them for violating the SOPs.


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