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,Only with the help of giant technology can Mo win. But first she has to wake up the giants again. — Fizbin/dpa

Family life can be so happy. But if things don't go so well, family members can cause each other a lot of problems. That's part of the story in Minute of Islands, a new puzzle platform game for PC, Mac and consoles.

The story revolves around young mechanic Mo who lives on a small group of ocean islands that are threatened with extinction.

Poisonous spores are slowly taking control of the land and the only protection comes from the machines of the giants who previously inhabited the islands.

Now it's up to Mo to wake the giants again and get the machines running, and thus save her family, with whom her relationship is quite tense. Mo's main tool is the Omni Switch, which she uses to solve puzzles and activate various mechanisms.

Instead of conversations between the characters, a female narrator's voice leads the player through the emotional story of the game. Mo has to learn to deal with the high expectations of her family and how to heal her relationships.

Probably the most notable thing about "Minute of Islands" is the graphics, which with their hand-drawn style makes the game look a bit like an animated comic book.

“Minute of Islands” is available for PCs, Macs, PlayStations, the Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch for around US$20 (RM84.38). – dpa



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