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apple developer account for sale :Palm oil body vows to improve certification after critical Greenpeace study



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,The Malaysian Palm Oil Certification Council (MPOCC) has promised to continue reviewing and strengthening its certification programme to ensure sustainable production of palm oil.This was in response to a recent Greenpeace study titled "Destruction: Certified" which offered a critical look at palm oil certification programmes.The environmental NGO noted that the Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) certification programme was not associated with the Iseal Alliance aimed towards ensuring companies and governments meet their sustainability commitments and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.The report said MSPO was "relatively weak" because it does not have "no deforestation", "no expansion onto peatlands" and respect for indigenous community requirements.Greenpeace noted that the MSPO is based on local laws and its standards are only available for purchase and not made free.The MSPO, according to Greenpeace, had weak accreditation oversight for its certification bodies and weak implementation of systems for compliance with their standards.MPOCC CEO Mohammad Hafezh Abdul Rahman said his organisation "regretted" the "inaccurate" review by Greenpeace because it undermined certification efforts."Greenpeace seems to be stretching on the shortcomings of the certifications to fit their narrative."Instead of pitting all the certifications against the ideals of Greenpeace, they should instead understand the objectives of each certification scheme models and the positive changes that it brings," he added.Hafezh said that while protecting the environment was a priority, certification schemes allowed for the balancing between developing commodities on a sustainable basis and supporting the livelihood of people in developing countries.rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr"Voluntary or mandatory sustainability schemes should be encouraged and should not be labelled as greenwashing as all these certifications have the same intention, which is to protect the environment and reduce the impact of deforestation," he added.


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