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buy apple developer account :There are conspiracy theories undermining Melbourne's COVID-19 testing blitz


Misinformation about COVID-19 testing has spread around social media as testing is ramped up in Melbourne((Getty Images: William West))ShareFacebookTwitterArticle share optionsShare this onFacebookTwitterLinkedInSend this byEmailMessengerCopy linkWhatsAppPrint contentPrint with images and other mediaPrint text onlyPrintCancelMelbourne is in the midst of a testing blitz to control the latest coronavirus outbreak. But on social media, this increase in testing has been accompanied by a rise in misinformation and conspiracy theories focusing on the reliability and safety of COVID-19 testing procedures.Among other claims, some posts incorrectly suggest that a common type of COVID-19 test is unable to detect the virus or may be harmful.Much of the concerning content submitted to the ABC and tracked on platforms like Facebook and Instagram relates to a COVID-19 test known as a polymerase chain reaction, or PCR test.These tests detect the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and can involve having a swab inserted up one or both nostrils, or into the back of your throat. Some people find this method uncomfortable, but they're not dangerous.In Victoria, a Department of Health and Human Services spokesperson said 1,068,000 COVID-19 tests had been processed to date."PCR tests are used in Victoria and are one of the most common ways to test for coronavirus," he said."They are considered to be the most reliable and are regularly assessed for efficacy as part of the validation studies in laboratories."Yet there are people are refusing to be tested, despite the spike in locally acquired cases in some parts of Australia.It's unclear if the misinformation circulating online is causing any of those in hotel quarantine or residents in Victoria's lockdown suburbs to refuse tests.Last week, the state's health minister Jenny Mikakos linked the refusals to conspiracy beliefs. But a DHHS spokesperson later told The Guardian this had not emerged as a reason for people refusing tests."People have declined a test for reasons such as not wanting to do nasal swabs and showing a preference for saliva testing, and language barriers,

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