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buy apple developer account :What is the truth about 5G? Four Corners spoke to leading experts and anti-5G activists to find out


A protester at a recent rally against the 5G rollout.(Four Corners)ShareFacebookTwitterArticle share optionsShare this onFacebookTwitterLinkedInSend this byEmailMessengerCopy linkWhatsAppPrint contentPrint with images and other mediaPrint text onlyPrintCancelThe global rollout of 5G has spawned wild conspiracy theories, and the coronavirus pandemic was the perfect environment for them to spread. Four Corners has investigated these claims and examined the science around whether the technology is a threat to health. What do the conspiracies claim? One theory claimed 5G's millimetre wave technology was secretly developed by governments as a weapon to threaten and control people. Another conspiracy linked 5G to the emergence of COVID-19, claiming coronavirus was deliberately released so 5G could be rolled out without opposition while communities were in lockdown. The viral claims have driven believers to hold protests during the pandemic and attack 5G mobile phone towers around the world, including in Australia,

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