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While Halo Infinite is largely exclusive to the Xbox family--launching on PC (Steam and Windows 10), Xbox One, and Xbox Series X this holiday season--that hasn't stopped players from hoping the pivotal Xbox title would eventually arrive on other platforms. Though developer 343 Industries likely has no plans of porting Halo Infinite to something like the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 4, a Dreams creator decided to take matters into their own hands by recreating a portion of the gameplay reveal.Disarmed, a visual and audio creator, took to Dreams to bring Halo Infinite to the PlayStation 4 in stunning detail. Though the video is only 41 seconds long, it takes an improbable premise--what if Halo but PS4--and brings it to life. We see Master Chief holding the classic assault rifle while strutting through a lush forest. It's extremely gorgeous and continues to show Dreams' impressive power--even if there's no way it's happening.#MadeInDreams - was pretty excited with the @xbox debriefing last week & the gameplay reveal of #HaloInfinite!got me to thinking how strange it would be to have @halo on the @PlayStation ?? - here,

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