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buy apple developer account:Avatar And Star Wars Movies Suffer One-Year Delay


The long-in-production Avatar sequels, as well as the upcoming Star Wars movies, have been pushed back by a full year, Disney has announced via a Variety report. Director James Cameron commented on the announcement with a statement saying the delay was due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic."As many of you are aware, due to COVD-19, we were forced into an unexpected lengthy delay in starting the live-action filming we are currently doing in New Zealand," Cameron said. "What most of you likely do not know is that the pandemic is still preventing us from being allowed to recommence most of our virtual production work on stages in Los Angeles. That work is just as critical to the films as the live-action work."A message from James Cameron.Irayo, Na'vi Nation. Stay safe. ?? pic.twitter.com/Uwi2J6xF4k,

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