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apple developer:New Halloween Sequels, The Purge, And More Horror Movies Delayed Due To COVID-19


Your previously scheduled scares are going to be late. Universal Pictures has announced a slew of horror movies that have been moved from their original release dates due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Movies being impacted include installments of two beloved trilogies, as well as a sequel to a 1992 horror film.Firstly, The Forever Purge--the fifth movie in the Purge franchise--won't hit theaters until July 9, 2021. Originally, the film was scheduled for July 10 of this year, before it was temporarily removed from the schedule, Deadline reports.The next two Halloween movies--Halloween Kills and Halloween Ends--are also being pushed back. Originally, Halloween Kills was set for theaters on October 16, 2020. Instead, it'll arrive on October 15, 2021--the original date for Halloween Ends. The new date was announced as part of the first teaser for the film, which shows the events immediately following 2018's Halloween. Halloween Ends will follow on October 14, 2022.The upcoming Candyman sequel--which is also titled Candyman--is moving, as well. It's not going far, though. Originally set for September 25 of this year, Candyman will instead move to the original release date for Halloween Kills, October 16.Take a look at the new dates below:Candyman on October 16, 2020The Forever Purge on July 9, 2021Halloween Kills on October 15, 2021Halloween Ends on October 14, 2022While seeing these highly-anticipated horror movies getting much later release dates is unfortunate, given that most movie theaters remain closed it's likely the best call. What's more, it assured there are plenty of scares to come in the next two years.

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