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apple developer account:Madden NFL 21 Rookie Player Ratings Announced


EA has begun rolling out player ratings for Madden NFL 21 as promised, starting with the rookie quarterbacks. This serves as the start of a longer rollout, allowing diehard fans to react to their favorite players' rankings.The top three rookies in these initial player ratings are Joe Burrow (Cincinnati Bengals), Tua Tagovailoa (Miami Dolphins), and Jordan Love (Green Bay Packers). You can see the top ten below. The full list of rankings all hover around the mid-range, from 52-76 in their overall scores. The ratings also have individual breakdowns for full range of stats including speed, agility, and strength.This year ESPN will be revealing the player ratings starting on Monday, July 13.Every. Rating. Revealed. ??#Madden21 Ratings Reveal Week is coming ... @EAMaddenNFL pic.twitter.com/SUypbOA1JX,

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