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apple developer account for sale :In Hong Kong national security law, echoes of China's own cyber crackdown


Legislators attend a meeting to debate national security law at Legislative Council, in Hong KongMoreBy Cate CadellBEIJING (Reuters) - Hong Kong's new National Security Law will shake up digital surveillance in the city, with strict new company compliance measures that echo the mainland's years-long crackdown on anti-government content.Foreign tech companies have balked at the laws, with Facebook, Twitter and Google among those saying they would suspend requests for data pending clarification of what is required.Experts on Chinese internet laws say the legislation hews closely to mainland policies on national security in cyberspace, giving hints as to what is in store for a city long accustomed to vast digital privacy rights.The mainland laws, which in some cases share similar wording to Hong Kong's, have led to sweeping restrictions since 2013 and a sharp rise in convictions for crimes in cyberspace."To indigenise Hong Kong cyberspace, you would have to do in a very short period of time, and in a very conflictual environment, what the Chinese government was able to do in the mainland over years," said Rogier Creemers of Leiden University in the Netherlands, an expert on data and internet laws in China.The Hong Kong law includes expanded powers that sidestep courts and ramp up covert surveillance funding for intelligence gathering, and allows technical personnel outside Hong Kong to be involved.Hong Kong legal experts say the expanded local police powers over national security override an entrenched system of judicial and government supervision of covert surveillance,

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