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us apple developer accounts for sale:Underage binge drinking declines in Australia, new study says


Tweet Facebook Mail Underage binge drinking has declined in Australia, while the age when many have their first drink has increased.But Australians aged over 40 have shown signs of increasingly problematic drinking and heavy drinking rates remain stable among young adults, a new study shows.Understanding recent trends in Australian alcohol consumption was funded by the Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE) and carried out by the Centre for Alcohol Policy Research.Data was used from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare National Drug Strategy Household Survey (2001 to 2013) involving more than 120,000 respondents.The 2013 data shows 5.1 percent of 14-17 year olds reported drinking 20 or more standard drinks in a session at least once in the past 12 months, down from 10 per cent in 2001.Those who had consumed five or more standard drinks on an occasion has also halved, from 41.8 percent to 19.8 percent over the same period."Young people have sharply reduced their drinking over the last decade. In particular Australian teenagers are drinking less alcohol, and in less risky quantities," report author Dr Michael Livingston said.RelatedCoronavirus: Victoria to lockdown COVID-19 hotspots amid state's outbreak spikePlanes diverted, roads watched,

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