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apple developer enterprise account for rent:Girl, four, who died after swallowing common battery was twice discharged from Queensland hospital


Tweet Facebook Mail A Coroner is investigating why a four-year-old Queensland girl was discharged from hospital twice in the hours before her death in 2013 after swallowing a small battery.Summer Steer accidentally swallowed the lithium button battery, commonly used in television remotes and bathroom scales. ?Her mother Andrea Shoesmith told an inquest today her daughter started developing symptoms like a stomach ache and discoloured bowel movements two weeks before dying.On one occasion she was rushed to Noosa Hospital after vomiting blood and discharged 15 minutes later, only to be again readmitted a short time later.Summer was sent home a second time but her condition continued to deteriorate.The little girl collapsed and she was airlifted to Brisbane, where doctors discovered the tiny battery lodged in her oesophagus.She failed to recover and died in hospital.RelatedNew high-tech living transforming the lives of retireesJack the dinosaur makes a move to new homePush to rename Yarra River to correct 19th Century mistranslationIt is hoped the coronial inquest will raise awareness about the dangers and prevalence of button batteries.Health group Kidsafe wants manufacturers to be forced to screw down all battery compartments, and retailers to take responsibility and not sell products that don't.Coroner John Hutton will scrutinise the medical decisions leading up to Summer's death, in the hope a similar fatality never happens again.

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